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1st Place Star 317x448 px
Free Ribbon Clipart

317×448 55,4 Kb

1st Place Star 800x621 px
First place winner badge stock vector

800×621 69,4 Kb

1st Place Star cliparts Clipart64

350×332 31,4 Kb

1st Place Star 386x390 px
1st Place Star Clipart

386×390 98,4 Kb

1st Place Star, 250x238, 1,98Kb
C'Mon Baby

250×238 2 Kb

Optimized 1st Place Star HQ cliparts
2" Torch Stickers

378×377 20,9 Kb

1st Place Star, 800x800, 51,08Kb
Showcase Column 1st Place Star Award 21

800×800 51,1 Kb

1st Place Star clipart for your app

350×350 28,1 Kb

For developers 1st Place Star clipart | File 196,58Kb
1st Place 2¾” Custom Star Medal

506×600 196,6 Kb